Your Head-to-Toe Acne Skincare Routine

If you’re ready to get serious about your acne skincare routine, here’s how to repair and heal your skin, and yes, even prevent it from coming back. It starts by understanding what causes acne and then  committing to a regular skincare routine designed with healthy skin in mind. Here’s how to break the acne cycle so your acne-prone skin can heal from head to toe.


A Little Understanding Goes a Long Way

Start by understanding what causes acne. And guess what, unless you’re a sweaty teenager, it’s not poor hygiene. The most common causes of acne are fluctuating hormones, medications, stress, and genetics. These all cause overactive sebaceous glands to produce greater amounts of sebum leading to clogged pores. But the good news is your acne-prone skin wants to be treated. It’s not going to just heal itself, so taking the “wait and see” approach isn’t going to cut it. If you really want to clear up your skin, it will take time and dedication by committing to both professional treatments and a consist at home skincare routine.


Develop a Plan

Clearing up your acne and achieving healthier skin with fewer breakouts is the long-term goal. Depending on the severity of your acne, your journey to healthier skin may take 6-8 weeks or longer of consistent treatments. Our best recommendation is to start strong and set your pores up for success by getting a professional treatment. While at home, but sure to watch your skin for breakout triggers (diet, hormones, stress, medication, skincare products) and then fight that acne-causing bacteria by using a skincare line that relies on botanicals, antioxidants and professional-grade remedies to gently clear and heal acne without stripping your skin. 


Establish a Routine

Remember, beautiful skin starts by finding the causes and then working on the bacteria. The best way to do that is with a regular at home acne skincare routine morning and night.

Acne Skincare Routine:

  • Cleanse: Morning: We love a good milk cleanser when it comes to treating acne and this one will also leave the skin hydrated. Soothing, yet effective, ingredients such as cajeput and tea tree to suppress bacteria in the pores, while lemon and rosemary help fight bacteria, hydrate, brighten and firm the skin. Your nighttime routine is the perfect time to use a cleansing duo formulated for acne-prone skin to ensure you cleanse the day away and prepare your skin for maximum absorption of skincare products.
  • Nourish: The right detox essential oil designed to treat acne skin will go a long way in fighting an overabundance of bacteria. Essential oils deliver a concentrated dose of vitamins and minerals that not only will heal and prevent breakouts but will minimize the appearance of scarring.
  • Heal: Serums are your hydrating and healing powerhouse. Tea tree and palma rose help clear breakouts, while mushroom stem conditions and heal the skin.
  • Moisturize: Finish with a daily moisturizer that will fight acne causing bacteria while moisturizing the skin.
  • Treat: Spot treat breakouts with a blemish control gel that can also be use on the back, chest and bikini area. Clay masks are also effective in treating acne, but make sure you use one that is not dehydrating. Use on your face, neck or back, or spot treat by wearing overnight.
  • Body: If you also suffer from breakouts on your body, cleanse daily with a body wash that uses pine essential oil, bladderwrack and glycolic to cleanse the skin of toxins while providing gentle exfoliation. Follow with a hydrating and healing body serum that will help your skin look healthier overall. Spot treat with a blemish control gel, and don’t be afraid to apply your detox clay mask to your chest and back area as well.