Fall in Love With Your Skincare Routine

Fall is here and it’s finally time to say goodbye to sunshine and summertime. And while we love sweater weather, football, and all things pumpkin spice too, your skin may struggle to make the seasonal transition. While perfectly normal, skin issues caused by the drop in humidity outside and the dry heat inside are not something you have to sit on the sidelines and accept. Instead, make these updates to your fall skincare routine a priority now and you’ll quickly learn that the best defense is always a good offense. Here’s the game plan you need to ensure you fall in love with this season’s skincare routine. 

Hydrate, Then Hydrate Some More

Cold weather means you need just as much moisturizing as you did in the summer, and those with dry skin need even more. When the weather cools down dryness and dehydration increases, causing dullness, flaking and irritation. Skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea can also flare up. 

In the fall months be sure to focus on keeping your skin balanced by adding skincare designed to increase and maintain hydration while also moisturizing your skin. Your fall skincare routine will also be boosted by hydrating from the inside out. Drinking enough water for your body weight will go a long way in terms of nourishing your body, which in turn, can boost the health of your skin. You might also consider getting a humidifier to keep your skin hydrated at night. 


Fall Skincare Routine Fixes

Some of our favorite fall skincare routine editions include:

  • Change Up How You Cleanse: Try a double-cleansing duo, which is a great way to dissolve and cleanse pore impurities while gently exfoliating, softening, soothing, and replenishing dehydrated skin.
  • Add a Serum: Fall is the time to see how the power of antioxidant rich plant extracts will improve your skin texture while also restoring the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. Be sure to choose serums with sodium hyaluronate as this is probably the best ingredient to add true moisture.
  • Upgrade Your Moisturizer: Fall (and winter) is a good time to upgrade your moisturizer to replenish lipids in the skin, increase water content in skin cells, and prevent TEWL, or trans epidermal water loss. Ingredients such as humectants (Hylauronic Acid or glycerin) draw in and bind moisture, emollients (plant based butters, squalane, triglycerides) soften and condition, and occulsives (petrolatum, plant based butters, plant oils) help lock-in moisture.
  • Mask It: Your dry, flaky skin will love how it feels after applying a thick and creamy mask. Not only will your skin feel rejuvenated, you’ll love the luxurious spa-like treatment.
  • Focus on the Eyes: Fine lines, dark circles and puffiness are suddenly more noticeable thanks to the cold, dry air. This is why adding in a moisturizing eye cream is an important addition to your fall skincare routine. Knowing how to apply eye product is also important. Increase the efficacy of your eye product by using a small amount and lightly tap along the eye area once or twice a day. As an added bonus use all your eye products on your lips as well.
  • Protect: Protecting your skin from the sun is a year-round habit. Applying a moisturizing sunscreen 365 days a year should continue to be a skincare routine staple even in the cooler months. Remember those UV Rays are present in all four seasons, so never leave your skin unprotected. Sun exposure goes beyond just sitting outside––you’re exposed driving to work, sitting in a coffee shop and even when it’s cloudy.