Go Deeper With Double Cleansing

This one-two skincare punch hits deep by simultaneously purifying pores and feeding your skin. Double cleansing not only cleans but exfoliates too, making all your skincare products more effective. Want that healthy skin glow? Then trust us when we say this is the only way to wash your face. 


Benefits of Double Cleansing

Using the double cleansing method, especially as part of your nighttime skincare routine, will not only remove all the makeup and grime that’s accumulated on your skin during the day, but it will also help other products penetrate your skin. Double cleansing as part of your regular skincare routine will prevent sebum buildup and bacteria which can help prevent acne breakouts. There are also benefits for those with dry skin—deeply cleansing pores and gently exfoliating without stripping or drying out the skin.  


How it Makes a Difference

After a few weeks, your skin should seem brighter, break-out free and overall healthier. Since your pores are clean and your skin gently exfoliated, you are increasing the efficacy of the serums, moisturizers and masks you are using as part of your regular skincare routine. And by double cleansing at night, you are giving your skin cells the best chance to regenerate while you sleep. 


Double Cleanse the Tuel Way

Formulated for your skin type, the Tuel Deep Pore Cleansing Duos not only cleanse but nourish your skin thanks to some powerful, all-natural ingredients. Step 1 starts by using a nutrient-rich cleansing oil to dissolve trapped sebum and go deep into your pores, drawing out more dirt than a regular cleanser. Step 2 uses an herbal toner that, when combined with the cleansing oil, becomes water-soluble to cleanse thoroughly and gently exfoliate.

To use: For best results, add 5-6 pumps of the cleansing oil on dry skin on your face and neck with dry hands. Then massage 5-6 pumps of the herbal toner over the cleansing oil, adding cool water to gradually to emulsify. Rinse until your skin feels clean.