Guide to Choosing the Best Cleanser for Your Skin Type

There’s more to cleansing your skin than just getting it clean. Cleansers can serve as a crucial first step to prep your skin for the rest of your routine and determine how subsequent products will ultimately perform. Knowing your skin type and choosing the right cleanser is the first step in establishing an effective skin care routine. So, consider your skin type, choose the appropriate cleanser for it, and watch your skin glow. 

Accurate skin analysis is the key to any effective treatments and home care skincare regimens. If you want your cleanser to work for you to properly prepare your skin, make sure you know your “true skin type,” which is determined by the characteristics it displays, not by gender, ethnicity, color or condition.

Take a few minutes to determine your skin type by analyzing your pores with our custom developed skin type analysis. It’s as simple as four easy steps:



Take a look at the skin on your jawline. See how it’s smooth and relatively pore-free? This is your baseline for measuring the size of your pores.



Compare that to the skin next to your nose. Do the pores look bigger or the same?



Now examine other areas of the face. Are your pores bigger than what’s on your jawline? Don’t pay attention to your nose—this area always has larger pores, no matter the skin type.



Now determine your skin type based on the first three steps. Our guide offers helpful diagrams to make things easy, but here are some tips straight from our skincare professionals: 

  • Dry Skin = Moisture Line: If you have smaller pores on most of your face, with larger pores near the sides of your nose, you should focus on hydrating and moisturizing the skin. Milk cleansers are ideal for dry skin. They gently cleanse and nourish the skin with plant-based ingredients such as vitamin E, green tea, and mandarin.
  • Combo/Oily Skin = Balance Line: Are you seeing larger pores in the T-zone area of your face? Then bring your skin back to balance by refining pores. Gel cleansers are suitable for oily skin and milk cleansers are best for combo skin. Each offers strong capabilities to balance out the skin, refine pores, and clarify where oily.
  • Reactive Skin = Calm Line: If you suffer from sensitive skin, prone to redness or irritation, then you’ll definitely want to use a milk cleanser. Look for a product that features skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea, and vitamin B5 to relieve and heal irritated skin.
  • Acne Skin = Detox Line: Anything goes here because all skin types can be acne-prone. The Detox products are focused on healing and clearing existing blemishes while preventing future breakouts. A gel cleanser with natural astringents is a good option for oily skin that is acne-prone, and will help minimize breakouts and prevent future ones. For acne-prone skin with small pores, a milk cleanser works well to target acne while hydrating, soothing, and calming the skin. 
  •  Mature Skin = Rescue Line: Mature skin can be any skin type that shows signs of aging and is often dry. A milk cleanser, replete with fatty acids and emollients, can help restore balance and boost your skin’s natural defense against environmental aggressors.