Lori + Lisa: What International Women’s Day Means to Us

This Sunday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day 2020—a time to acknowledge a few things that are important to us—celebrating women’s achievements and taking action for gender equality. This year’s theme, Each for Equal, cuts right to the heart of who we are at Tuel—women helping women (and everyone really) in a way that makes an impact on the business world and in their lives each and every day.

Influenced by one of the most powerful businesswomen we knew—our mom—she didn’t let gender get in the way of changing a male-dominated skincare industry. It was more like “game on” and impacting the skincare world for the better was the goal. In fact, she was doing non-GMO, organic, chemical-free, and all things natural long before anyone even knew what any of that meant. While many may have thought she was overstepping boundaries, we think she was a pioneer.

It’s a mindset we continue today. From animals to people to business and products, we believe we are part of a greater whole, individuals destined to make an impact by being open-minded, supportive, honest and committed to honoring those we work with and for. This strong sense of doing what’s right and offering unwavering support in a “keeping it real” way motivates us while doing what is right and challenging all stereotypes inspires us. So, let’s celebrate International Women’s Day now and every day, because a “gender equal world is an enabled world.” Let’s keep kicking ass ladies.