Skin Purging—And Why It’s Not a Bad Thing

Now, we know nobody jumps for joy when their skin decides to rebel, but guess what? When it comes to skin purging a breakout can actually be a good thing. That’s because a “skin purge” is a temporary skin reaction that typically occurs when trying a new skincare product or getting certain facial treatments that contain active ingredients designed to speed up the skin renewal process. This can push old, dead skin cells along with excess sebum (congestion) and buildup to the surface, causing short term breakouts. The good news is skin purging is like that secret path to achieving beautiful, glowing skin—here’s what to expect.  


How Will I Know It’s a Purge?

During the purging process, some people will experience small clusters of specific types of acne such as pustular breakouts, whiteheads, or blackheads caused by changing a skincare routine or receiving a professional treatment. If you’re prone to papules or cystic acne, you might experience those forms of blemishes, too. Typically you’ll see these breakouts in the jawline and neck areas. 


How Long Will It Last?

Most skin purging is short-lived, typically three to four weeks, and some may not experience it all. For the average adult, it takes a little over a month for skin cells to turnover, although that slows down as you get older. After about 30 days, the skin should start responding to the ingredients and you’ll start to see clearer, smoother, brighter skin.


What Should I Do?

Lean on your esthetician for help. They will ensure things are progressing in the right direction and the skin continues to improve. While at home, be sure to stay the course with your skincare routine, unless you are seeing signs of an allergic reaction, which will show up in the first 24 hours. The goal is to get to that renewed, smoother skin you are looking for and the key to that is consistency. And be sure to not pick at your skin! By popping those pimples, you are possibly creating a scar as well as prolonging your skin issues. Instead try a spot treatment and a clarifying mask.