Spring Clean Your Soul: The Power of a Sedona Spiritual Vortex

There’s something undeniably therapeutic about breaking away from normal life and focusing on yourself, and no better time to do it than spring. It’s time for longer days, new beginnings and a fresh perspective. If you really want to be inspired and recharged, consider a life changing retreat to Sedona and experience a spiritual vortex.


What is a spiritual vortex?

Sedona Spiritual Vortexes are powerful energy centers that are located in specific areas throughout Sedona. Said to be transformational, these vortexes are where the natural electromagnetic earth energies intersect. Sounds powerful, right? The three most common types of vortexes are magnetic (the yin, perfect for meditation), electrical (the yang, energizing, empowering), and balanced (both yin and yang, this is where you will gain clarity and vision in your life).


Where are they?

There are four major spiritual vortex locations in Sedona, each full of powerful energy: Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Bell Rock. Each were documented and gained awareness as places for spiritual awakening in 1980, however Native Americans have honored these areas and used them for sacred ceremonies for hundreds of years.


Life changing experience

The energy in Sedona is known to intensify all your feelings and emotions. In love or happy? Be prepared for these emotions to kick into overdrive. Angry or frustrated? Those will come out in a big way too. A visit to Sedona will remind you of the power of your own thoughts and feelings, but that’s where the healing begins. Locals say it will transform you by wrapping you in a strong, creative, loving female spirit that will awaken and heal your soul. We like the sound of that.