4 Summer Skincare Tips You’ll Rely on All Season

It’s time to turn up the heat on your skincare routine and make some changes that will keep your skin glowing all summer long. We’re talking about more than just drinking water and applying sunscreen—but finding ways to balance out the heat, sweat, and humidity that comes with warmer days and nights. And since you’re probably looking to go a bit on the minimalist side with your summer makeup, all the more reason to make sure your skin is smooth, bright, and clear. Just consider this your summer skincare remix.  


1. Start with Your Pores

From dry, flaky skin to sweat-filled pores, the key to having your skin look its best during the summer is your pores. You’re looking for two things in a deep cleansing product—something that won’t strip and dry out your skin, and something that works deep to work with your skin’s natural oils to draw out make-up, sweat, and pollutants. We love a good cleansing duo matched to your skin type to get the job done. A cleansing oil combined with an all-natural toner work together to thoroughly cleanse and gently exfoliate. This two-step process also prepares your skin for maximum absorption of other products such as serums and moisturizers. Don’t forget to get yourself a travel size too so you don’t have to sacrifice your skincare routine while on-the-go.


2. Lather Up the Sunscreen

Fact: Many sunscreens actually become ineffective when exposed to sunlight. Although it sounds crazy, the truth is sunscreen is not a one and done thing. Start in the morning with a product that not only protects you from harmful UV rays but also prevents against premature aging. Always apply sunscreen to the face, neck, and ears, and don’t forget to reapply every two hours.


3. Lighten Things Up

As you bare a little more skin, why not take the same approach with your face? Give your skin a break from heavy makeup and instead focus on healing your skin. Worried about blemishes? Try a blemish control gel or healing serum designed for acne-prone skin. All-natural ingredients will target bacteria, regulate oil production (which can increase in the summer), and promote cell regeneration. And don’t forget to gently exfoliate 1-2 times a week at night to keep skin from looking dull.


4. Moisturizing is Still Important

Just because your skin may feel hot and sweaty, that doesn’t mean it’s moisturized. A good all-natural moisturizer will protect that outer layer of skin from harmful pollutants and chemicals while helping with dryness. Your summer skincare routine is also a good time to start using a vitamin C serum. This will not only brighten and protect your skin; it will treat any additional fine lines or dark spots that may appear thanks to additional time in the sun.

Make these changes to your skincare routine, stay hydrated, sit in the shade as much as possible, and wear a cute sun hat and your skin will look radiant all season long.