5 Expert Ways to Elevate Your Skincare Hygiene

We get it – your skincare routine is on point, and you've got a collection of go-to products that you swear by. But could there be sneaky culprits holding you back from achieving healthy, radiant skin? Consider incorporating these next-level tips and watch your skin truly shine.


1. Clean Hands, Clear Skin

You might not realize it, but your hands are busy collecting germs and bacteria from every surface they touch, which can lead to skin and health issues. In fact some experts say we touch our face as much as 25 times an hour! Always give your hands a good scrub with soap and warm water before touching your skin, and look for ways to reduce the amount of times you touch your face.


2. Brush Up on Brush Hygiene

Your makeup brushes and sponges are like magnets for bacteria – and that's not a look we're going for. Make it a habit to clean your beauty tools every seven to ten days, and remember to never share your brushes or sponges with anyone else. A gentle brush cleanser or simple soap and warm water will do the trick, preventing unwanted skin issues from popping up.


3. Don’t Forget Your Phone

Our smartphones are practically extensions of our hands, and they pick up more than just notifications. Regularly wipe down your phone with a disinfectant wipe or spray to keep bacteria at bay. By doing this, you’re protecting your phone and your skin all at once.


4. Pillowcases and Towels Need Love Too

Pillowcases and towels might seem harmless, but over time, they become home to dirt, oil, and bacteria. Don't let them sabotage your skin's glow, instead, toss those pillowcases in the wash at least once a week and swap out towels every few days.


5. Out with the Old, In with the New (Products)

Skincare products have a shelf life and should be properly stored. Check the expiration dates on your favorites and replace them when needed. Especially for items near your eyes and mouth – think eye cream and lip balm – you don't want outdated products near sensitive areas. When it comes to storage, remember to keep all products away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, and make sure lids are sealed tight.