5 Ways to Update Your Self-Care Approach While Quarantined

Running out of ideas when it comes to taking care of yourself during the coronavirus quarantine? The reality is there are only so many virtual cocktail hours, walks, and Tik Tok videos we can watch before losing our minds. Well we say it’s time for a quarantine reboot…we’re talking about a spiritual check-in that will encourage you to shift your thinking and focus your energy on healing yourself and those around you all while having some fun. So, if you are ready to reinvent your approach to social distancing, read on for five of our favorite ideas. 


Indulge Your Creative Side

You know that nagging feeling you’ve had for years…you’d love to write a short story take up photography or learn to paint. Well, just do it, and find others to do it with you. Purchase an art set and set up a studio in your living room so you and the fam can watch YouTube tutorials and paint together. Or get competitive by setting up a writing challenge with your friends, where everyone gets a predetermined amount of time to write a short story based on a prompt.


Cook Together

With the entire family home, cooking together and comfort food is high on the quarantine priority list. Take cooking lessons a step further and host a live “cooking show” where you prepare a favorite dish and friends and family follow along making the meal in their own kitchen. It’s a great way to share family recipes and pass down traditions all while adding a new recipe to the mix.


Secret Small Business Gift Exchange

Nothing lifts your spirits during a time where you might feel a bit powerless than helping others. This idea not only will send a little love to those closest to you, it also supports small businesses. Get a group together, draw names, set a price range, and then find local businesses offering online orders and shipping. Once all the gifts have arrived host a virtual unwrapping party.


Host a Talent Show

Yes, we’re serious. Gather your talented friends and feature musical performances, dancing, comedy, poetry reading, skits, even juggling. No matter what your talent, now’s your time to shine. We promise it will be a night full of laughs and unexpected surprises.


Shift Your Thinking

Finally, the reality is it may be time for a spiritual check-in, where you release any old negative energy and realign your sense of purpose. You might even consider getting some spiritual support. Many energy healers and life coaches are offering phone or virtual sessions that can help you reconnect with yourself, promote understanding and healing, and activate positive thoughts and actions in day to day life.