Guilt-Free Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

You focus on all natural solutions for your skin all year long...and work hard to remember that what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it. So as we head towards Thanksgiving, here a few recipes that will help you lighten up your meal and enjoy the day guilt-free.

Cauliflower Stuffing

Low carb and so flavorful you won’t even miss the bread. Good enough to eat all year long. Oh and it’s even good for your skin...cauliflower contains vitamin C which helps with collagen production.

Roasted Green Beans, Mushrooms, and Onions with Breadcrumbs

Say goodbye to your grandmother’s green bean casserole and hello to this new family favorite. Plus mushrooms are known to provide amazing health benefits including digestive and cancer fighting benefits...all the more reason to bring this as your holiday go-to side dish.

Herb Roasted Turkey Breast

This simple, yet flavorful turkey recipe features fresh herbs such as rosemary, sage and thyme mixed with fresh lemon juice (all of our favorite botanicals) add some white wine to create a recipe that is easy to make, leaving you time to spend with your guests.

Fennel and Citrus Salad with Mint

Grapefruit and oranges mix with shaved fennel and a lemon honey dressing for a salad that will add a little natural beauty of its own to your Thanksgiving table. And did you know? Fennel supports clear skin and anti-aging...the perfect natural skin destressor during the holidays.

Stewed Apples with Chai-Spiced Cashew Cream

This healthy twist on apple pie is easy to make and combines some of our favorite fall spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. And that chai-spiced cashew cream? Loaded with skin enhancing antioxidants such as selenium and zinc.