Healthy Back-to-School Meal Prep Ideas You’ll Love

Hello fall...and with it comes that busy back-to-school and activities schedule that can make it hard to stay on track with healthy meals prepared at home. But with a few simple meal prep tips, breakfast, lunch and dinner can still be healthy, filling, and quick to assemble...and something the whole family will enjoy planning, prepping, and eating together.

1. Plan for it

Whether you’re focused on prepping breakfast for the week, dinner for Monday and Tuesday, or lunches for the kids or yourself, schedule your meal prep time. It will make a huge difference in the end. Sunday afternoons are perfect for getting organized for the week. Consider spending one to two hours on meal prep and don’t forget to get the kids involved too.

2. Find the right recipes

The secret to making sure the time you spent meal prepping is effective is in the recipes you choose. Only consider foods that will hold up well during the week. Grilling and chopping chicken breast, making hard-boiled eggs, or throwing together a batch of muffins in advance are all foods that will last and make a difference in how your family eats during the week.

3. No waste prep

Meal prep is a waste of time, money, and food if you prep more than you or your family will get through each week. Stick to quantities you know will feed your family just for a five-day (or less) stretch. As the week progresses, set aside a little time to plan for meals later in the week. This will still save you time on those busy mornings and limit waste.

4. Involve the kids

This is a great time to teach the kids about nutrition, portion size, and time management. They are also more likely to eat the foods you make if they are involved in the decision making and preparing of those foods. Take them grocery shopping too, and let them be a little creative in what they choose.