Hot Skin Summer is Here, Here's How to Change Up Your Skincare Routine

Summer is all about lightning things up and basking in the glow of simple beauty. And while you may have an effective skincare routine that works for you year-round, following a few updates anytime the seasons change will keep your skin looking its best all summer long. Try these tips to keep your skin looking hot as things warm up. 

Follow Your Normal Routine

While it’s important to make a few swaps to your skincare routine, we also recommend you stick with your normal process as much as possible. The same is true if you are traveling. In fact, one of the worst things you can do to your skin while traveling is to switch up your skincare products for what you find in travel sizes in the store. Instead, either look for a skincare line that also offers travel sizes in your regular products, or purchase travel sized containers and fill them with your normal products. You should also consider what the weather is like where you’re going—especially if it’s extreme. For example if it’s hot and sunny, you may want to opt for an oil-free sunscreen, or if it’s dry and cold, switch to a more nourishing moisturizer (all within your same skincare line).


The key to glowing summer skin starts first with keeping it hydrated, but your pores can also play a role in how our skin looks. That’s why when cleansing summer skin, you need a product that goes deep and works with your skin’s natural oils to draw out make-up, sweat and pollutants normal cleansers just can’t get to. Cleansing duos (cleansing oil combined with an herbal toner) work together to cleanse and gently exfoliate. And when updating your summer skincare routine, consider a cleansing duo that includes anti-inflammatory botanicals such as chamomile, marigold and green tea to help relieve irritation and calm redness.




We all know summer skin can produce excess oil, but it can also look dull if you don’t exfoliate. For your summer skincare routine, consider a peel that includes glycolic acid that not only gently exfoliates, but can also brighten and help with fine lines or dark spots that may pop up due to additional time in the sun.



Moisturizer is a big part of your summer skincare routine. So what should you look for in a summer moisturizer? Consider something that is lighter, yet still helps condition and heal irritated and red summer skin. Ingredients such as cajeput, tea tree and mushroom stem can help improve the overall appearance so your natural skin can shine through. 


Wear Sunscreen

Start your day by applying sunscreen to your face at the end of your skincare routine and reapply at least every two hours and after swimming or sweating. Remember to protect your skin in other ways such as avoiding the sun during peak hours by spending more time indoors, wearing a hat or other protective clothing and staying hydrated. 


After Dark Care

After a long day in the sun, you’ll want to take extra care of your skin before going to bed. Consider using a rich moisturizing mask before you go to bed. Just apply and leave on for ten minutes and you’ll find the next morning your skin will feel soft, hydrated and rejuvenated. And if your skin is suffering from redness or a sunburn, nighttime is a great time to try a calming mask to help soothe the skin while you sleep.