It's Your Fall Skincare Remix

Ready to boost your fall skincare routine? If the answer is yes, your priority should be prepping your skin for winter—that’s when harsh weather sucks every drop of moisture right out of your body, leaving behind dry, dull, and cracking skin. And as we leave the scorching heat of summer behind, the fall weather and drop in humidity can also bring its own set of dry, rashy, itching skin issues. But don’t panic, because we all know the best defense is always a good offense. That’s why we’ve got the game plan you need with a fall skincare remix lineup straight from the professionals at Tuel Skincare.


Hydration is Everything

Cold weather means just as much moisturizing as you need when it’s hot outside. In the fall months be sure to focus on keeping your skin balanced by adding skincare products designed to boost hydration while also moisturizing your skin. Your fall skincare routine will also be boosted by making sure you are hydrating from the inside out. Drinking enough water for your body weight will go a long way in adding collagen, eliminating fine lines, and increasing overall moisture in your skin. Some of our favorite fall skincare routine editions include:


  • Change Up How You Cleanse: Try a double-cleansing duo, which is a great way to not only dissolve and cleanse pore impurities while gently exfoliating, but it also softens, soothes, and replenishes dehydrated skin.
  • Add a Serum: Fall is the time to see how the power of antioxidant rich plant extracts will improve your skin texture while also restoring the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture.
  • Mask It: Your dry, flaky skin will love how it feels after applying a thick and creamy mask that contains hyaluronic acid a few times a week. Not only will your skin feel rejuvenated, you’ll love the luxurious spa-like treatment.


Sun Safe Always

Summer isn’t the only time you should practice safe sun. Incorporating sunscreen into your daily skincare routine is a 365 days a year must. Remember those harmful UV Rays are present all four seasons, even when you can’t see the sun. Never, ever leave your skin unprotected, as sun exposure can happen anywhere, at any time—when you’re driving to work, sitting near a window, or walking outside on a cloudy day. When applying your daily skincare routine, add your sunscreen after your moisturizer, but before your makeup.


Make Eye Contact

While we all love sweater weather, the skin around your eyes doesn’t. Fine lines, dark circles and puffiness are more noticeable thanks to the cold, dry air. If you aren’t already using an eye cream in addition to your moisturizer, now is the time to add it to your skincare routine. Find a product that harnesses the power of peptides that will give the skin a tighter, more lifted look. Other eye care solutions include a moisturizer that will help with reduce the inflammation that causes puffy eyes, or an eye corrector gel that will not only firm, but fight those pesky dark circles.