National Love Your Pet Day: These Pups Make Work Even Better

At Tuel we believe Mother Nature gives us everything we need for beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. Our love for all things natural doesn’t stop there. Being good to your skin means also being good to the planet and its creatures. Everything we make is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and animal-friendly––and this includes our workplace. We like animals, it’s that simple. That’s why on any given day, you’ll find the “Pups of Tuel” in our office. By letting the dogs “in,” you might say we have a better, more productive, healthier place to work. So in honor of these guys on National Love Your Pet Day, here are a few ways they make everything just a little more sane for the team at Tuel.


1. Helps Us Chill Out

Studies show that bringing your dog to work reduces office stress. Whether we need a minute to let off some steam after an intense meeting, or just hold one of these little cuties on our laps while coming up with new ideas, Frankie and Jonnie give us just the pick me up we need throughout the day.


2. Makes Us More Social

It’s true, dogs in the office actually increase communication. Not only is it great to come to work every day together, it also creates opportunities to communicate with other team members. Getting up from behind the desk or computer and walking across the office to say hello to Carrots or Mambo connects us in different and even more productive ways. Sometimes the best ideas come from time spent hanging out with our dogs.


3. Keeps Us Fit

Not only do pets help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure in their owners, bringing them to work also has its health benefits. Let’s face it, you gotta walk these guys during the day, right? Nothing Pinky likes better than a nice walk outside, which means we are on the move. They remind us to take breaks, leave when we should, and bring that balance back to our lives so we can keep on doing good things.