Skin Freak Outs: 5 Things That Make Your Skin Go Crazy

It’s almost spring, and with it comes with a whole slew of skincare issues that just might be causing your skin to freak out. Unexpected seasonal challenges such as allergies, too much sugar and even changing up your skincare routine could be creating issues. So, wondering what’s causing your skin to go crazy all of a sudden? The truth is your skin is a pretty reactive organ and it could be responding to something internal or environmental. Read on as we break down five unsuspecting things that might be causing your skin to break out, and how you can get things back on track.

1. Working Out

Only four months until bathing suit season, but who’s counting? If you’ve recently stepped up your workout routine, it might be causing any pre-existing skin issues to flare up, or normally clear skin to breakout. Keep in mind anything you use on your face and your hair will permeate your skin as you sweat. Consider avoiding makeup as your workout, don’t touch your face (those machines are gross!), and adjust your nighttime skincare routine to help deal with any issues.

2. Processed Foods

If you are one of the 80% of Americans that fail on your New Year’s resolutions by February, and you’re back to old eating habits, processed foods may be causing your skin to look dull and dry. When you eat processed foods, you don’t get the food your body needs to function properly, leaving you a whole lot less healthy which shows up on your skin. If you’re wanting to get your diet back on track in a way that will help your skin too, try a vegan menu full of Omega 3’s and antioxidant-rich foods.

3.Too Much Sugar and Alcohol

Consuming too many sugary foods will, without a doubt, affect your skin. Excessive sugar consumption causes collagen to breakdown and your skin to sag over time. This goes for alcohol too. Drinking too many cocktails will dehydrate your skin and lead to sunken, loose skin, creating pronounced wrinkles and premature aging. Fixing this one is simple…just say no to sugar and wine and yes to water.

4. Allergies

It’s spring and for many that means seasonal allergy season. In fact, allergies can not only affect how you feel, but how you look. Seasonal allergies can actually create inflammation in your skin, making it more reactive. So if you think you might be suffering from “allergy face, look for dry, patchy spots, swollen eyes, and redness. If you see your seasonal allergies taking their toll on your skin, consider adjusting your skincare routine a bit to include products designed to provide relief for these challenges.

5. Changing Up Your Skincare Routine

As the seasons change so should your skincare routine. Adapting to weather changes by adding or replacing products is an important step in keeping your skin balanced and ready to face whatever it encounters each day. But this doesn’t mean changing things up won’t create a little havoc at first. Keep in mind when beginning a new skincare regimen, you may break out the first few days. While many things could be causing this, it’s possible you could be experiencing skin purging. A form of skin detoxing, this just means your skin is responding to the products you are using and working to get itself back on track. No fun in the short term, but beneficial for sure in the long run. Our best advice, be patient, trust the process, and you’ll be reaping the glowing skin rewards in no time.