The "Squeaky Clean" Myth, and Other Skincare Misconceptions

Ready to have your mind blown? Here are some common skincare myths we’d like to dispel, via our pros at Tuel.

Myth #1: My skin should feel “squeaky clean” after a cleanse. Tightness is good!

Truth is, all skin types need moisture. That “squeaky clean” feeling often means your skin is imbalanced, and your cleanser has stripped the skin of its natural oils and is left in an alkaline state. Tightness generally means a lack of hydration to the skin. We recommend opting for a nourishing cleanser, paired with light and buildable layers of hydration to bring balance to the skin. Lock in the moisture with an antioxidant packed serum and moisturizer, according to your skin type.

Myth #2: Only  dry skin types can use cleansing oils.

Believe it or not, all skin types can benefit from oil cleansing! Cleansing oils work because the oil you use bonds to the oils and debris on your skin. Traditional facial cleansers can strip the skin of all bacteria, good and bad. Oil cleansing leaves the ph neutral which means the skin does not have to rebalance itself.  

Myth #3: Toner = astringent.

This notion often stems from a misunderstanding of what toner is. The primary job of toner is to provide hydration and balance to the skin. A proper herbal toner won’t strip or dehydrate the skin.. Remember, feeling “squeaky clean” is not the goal! Toners are an effective way to get rid of dead skin cells without inflaming the skin. With the top layer of dead skin removed t and new skin cells being formed, you have a better medium for your next skincare products, which helps them penetrate even better after your first cleanse. 

Myth #4: Fighting breakouts means eliminating oils and moisture.

Acneic skin and oily skin  do not go hand-in-hand. Acne is caused by hormonal factors, genetics, diet and stress so  it’s crucial to focus on a tailored cleansing system for your skin type, rather than stripping the skin of its natural oils. In fact, double cleansing with an oil cleanser and herbal toner actually balances oil production, while also soothing inflamed and irritated skin. For an added boost, use a targeted healing and hydrating serum to maintain balance while battling breakouts. 

Myth #5: You can’t use acids, peels or exfoliators on sensitive skin.

Contrary to popular belief, you can benefit from a professional exfoliation treatment, even identifying with having sensitive skin. Conditions like rosacea, eczema and acne aren’t excluded from chemical or manual exfoliation. In fact, proper exfoliation allows for the products in your routine to penetrate the skin and fully do their thing! Peels improve tone and texture, help with scarring and increase hydration. Ask about our peel treatments, directed by a Pore Star.