Why Skin, Just Like Love, Knows No Gender

For us at Tuel, love is love, skin is skin—no matter what. But we also know that the struggle for inclusion is real, which is why the awareness that comes from Pride Month is still so important. Until these inequalities have disappeared, we must take time each June to uplift, celebrate and support the LGBTQIA+ voices, culture and rights.

As second-generation skincare experts, business owners, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and allies, we are proud supporters and advocates for inclusivity in business and in life. We’ve stayed true to our Mom’s vision of helping everyone—all ages, genders, skin types and ethnicities get the best skin of their lives. This passion for natural ingredients, strong business ethics and a love for everyone is just who we are. And the one thing we know for sure? Everyone wants their skin to look its best.

The type of skin we are born with is determined by the characteristics it displays, not by gender, ethnicity, color or condition, and every skin needs something a little different. Whether dry, oily or somewhere in between, we focus on natural ingredients and carefully selected botanicals that work synergistically to help your skin glow.

But one of the most power ways to look and feel amazing is by living your best life, authentically. So, we say let yourself be fully seen by the world for who you truly are. Put yourself first and let go of negative emotions and people. Reclaim your power by showing up, taking risks and looking inward. Own who you really are and don’t be afraid to admit to what you truly want in life. And most importantly take pride in yourself and bask in that glow.