10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts That Will Wow Mom

If anyone deserves something special this year, it’s definitely mom. While the pressure might be on to find that amazing mom in your life something truly unique, we’ve made the hunt for the perfect gift easy. We’ve gathered ten of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2021that will be sure to make her feel loved and appreciated. Sure, flowers are nice, but why not leave her pleasantly surprised with these Mother’s Day gift ideas instead. You can thank us later.


1. Beside Smart Phone Case + Vase

Beautify her nightstand with this glazed stoneware vase and smartphone stand from Uncommon Goods. Mom can keep her phone charged and visible at all times, while filling the vase with beautiful flowers. Want to add some wow?  Include a flower subscription to keep her bedroom fresh with seasonal stems. Who doesn’t love receiving flowers on a regular basis?


2. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Raise your hand if you have a busy mom that pours her coffee and then reheats it all morning because she’s too busy to drink it? Have her saying “you get me” with this temperature control smart mug. Once she programs the app-controlled mug with her ideal sipping temperature it will keep her drink warm even if she poured it two hours ago and forgot all about it.


3. A Little Self-Care Goes a Long Way

Let’s face it, it’s easy for busy moms to look (and feel) tired and overworked. One of the first places to show fatigue? The skin. Show her you see how hard she is working by giving her a super nourishing face mask and help her create a whole new self-care ritual. From Tuel's Balance Superfood Mask, to one that firms or hydrates the skin, she'll appreciate the opportunity to relax. Just think of this as the gift that keeps giving. 


4. A Mother’s Day Mixer

Give mom the gift that gives her some time to relax with this Mother’s Day Mixer gift box from In Good Taste. It includes a California wine mixer tasting flight (8, 187ml bottles of wine) plus a shower bomb and handmade toffee. From the unique bottles that sample wines from along the California coast, to the chance to self-indulge a bit, it’s the perfect way to show you care.


5. Give Warmth, Give Back

We know it, and you know it. Moms are natural givers, so why not gift her with something that also gives back to the community. Sock gift packs from Bombas will keep her warm, comfortable and stylish, while every item purchased for her includes an item donated to someone affected by homelessness.


6. Give Her Your Heart

If you’ve got a cool mom, she’ll love this Heart Drop Necklace from PAR ICI. The chain is gold, can be worn as a drop choker and the best part is the heart is made of “deadstock vintage glass” which means it was made years ago. Once these beauties are sold out, they are gone forever…truly original just like mom. Plus, PAR ICI is women-created and owned (just like us).


7. Set Her Free

If you’ve got a mom who loves road trips, these packing compression cubes will save her space, keep her organized and ensure her trip trouble-free. Store toiletries that could leak in one cube, socks, swimsuits, and undergarments in the second cube, rolled t-shirts and leggings in the third cube and hiking boots or tennis shoes in the fourth. Her adventurous side will love you.


8. Help her Chef it Up

If your mom loves to cook, eat healthy, and is stylish too, put these two gifts together to bring out her inner chef. The Dansk Kobnestyle White Casserole 2 quart pot will make the act of cooking soup (or anything really) much more fun. Combine it with this recipe book Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables to give her lots of yummy ways to eat her veggies.  


9. For the Fur Mom

If your mom also loves her fur baby, the Portable Travel Pet-Carrier will keep her and her favorite pet on the go in style. This backpack is so cool, rumor has it pets love getting in it even while at home. She’ll definitely appreciate something that will carry her other special cargo.


10. Family Love

What mom doesn’t love family game night and your smiling face? Take her favorite family photo and make it into a puzzle for hours of fun for the whole family. Mom will love everything about it this gift straight from the heart.