5 Dreamy Benefits of Getting More Sleep

From your physical health to your emotional well-being, and yes, even your skin, getting more quality sleep might just be the true fountain of youth. Getting those ZZZs, actually means so much more than just keeping you from feeling grumpy the next day—we’re talking about keeping your body functioning on all levels. As we get ready to spring forward thanks to Daylight Saving Time, here’s a list of five interesting benefits of getting more sleep.


1. It Makes You Smarter

A well-rested brain is a sharper one. You’ll find you are more likely to remember details, be more productive, attentive and focused all day long. Without the right amount of quality sleep, it can be challenging to take in new information and then store that information for use later. Studies are even showing that sleep can help your brain cross-link pieces of information together leading to better insights and problem-solving. Just think of sleep as the key to helping your brain be ready to take on what’s next.


2. It Can Lead to a Healthier Heart

There is a direct relationship between sleep and reducing blood pressure because sleep gives your heart and blood vessels a chance to rest. This sleep induced down time can lead to long-term benefits for your heart and generally keep your blood pressure under control. The longer you sleep, the longer your body can rest and recover. 


3. It Can Make You Happier

Say goodbye to moodiness by getting more sleep. Your brain uses sleep to process your emotions, really giving your mind time to relax and figure out how to react in the right way. If you don’t get enough sleep, you cut that time short, creating more stress on your system. With more sleep, you’ll find yourself less agitated and anxious, and instead attack the day calm, controlled and reasonable.


4. It Will Help Your Skin Glow

It’s true, you might actually be able to sleep your way to better skin. While we can’t stress enough the importance of using an all-natural skincare line both day and night, that combined with some beauty sleep might actually be the secret to glowing skin. Lack of sleep can show up on your skin in the following ways:

  • Puffy Eyes
  • Dark Under Eye Circles
  • Paler Skin
  • Wrinkles + Fine Lines

Sleep gives your skin time to rebuild itself from all the pollution, germs, dryness and dirt that affects it all day long. By washing your face, boosting your skincare routine at night, and getting a good night’s sleep, your skin will soon show the signs of rejuvenation such as improved elasticity, less wrinkles and better overall appearance.


5. It Can Fight Germs

Your immune system will definitely benefit from more sleep. As it works throughout the day to identify and then destroy harmful bacteria and viruses in your body, sleep gives your immune system time to recover at night. And ongoing lack of sleep can actually change the way your immune cells work, meaning you could get sick more often.