5 Skincare Trends to Watch in 2022

Get ready to shine in 2022 as beauty trends seem to be leaving the no-makeup, COVID-19 quarantine looks of 2020 behind and opting for a more bold statement. But whether you stick with the 'skinimalism’ trend or go full glitter glam like many in the industry are predicting in 2022, you still need to start with great skin. Let’s take a look at five skincare trends we are watching in 2022.

1. Inclusivity Is Crucial

In 2022, consumers will continue to seek out products and brands they can relate to—looking for brands that understand who they are and share their values and beliefs. From BIPOC and Latinx brands, to gender-neutral makeup and skincare products, inclusive beauty (beauty that caters to all individuals, regardless of their gender, age, religion, skin tone, skin type, etc.) is becoming increasingly important to the industry and its consumers. For Tuel, this is not just a trend we can get behind, it’s a way of life and doing business. As second-generation skincare experts, business owners, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and allies, we are proud supporters and advocates for inclusivity. We know that the type of skin we are born with is determined by the characteristics it displays, not by gender, ethnicity, color or condition. 


2. Body Care is the New Skincare

2022 is not only about the face, but how you care for all the skin below your neck. This may be the year you adopt a regular body care routine that includes exfoliation (in moderation), a rich body lotion, a hydrating body serum, and of course always using sunscreen even in winter months. 


3. Go with the Glow

It’s time to say goodbye to sad, sallow skin and get glowing. 2022 is all about achieving luminous skin that looks like it’s glowing from within. So what’s the best way to achieve glowing skin? Start with a consistent at home skincare routine that uses products from the same skincare line designed to work together to best care for your skin type. Also look for highly concentrated, plant-based ingredients rich in nutrients to help find your inner glow. Want to take things a step further? Consider a weekly at-home peel to break down the top layer of dead skin, dissolving the outer layers to even skin tone and texture.


4. Strengthen that Barrier

What is your skin barrier and why is everyone talking about it? Let’s thank COVID for this one—and Maskne that many of us discovered over the last year. Basically, your skin is composed of several different layers, and your skin barrier—also called your moisture barrier—is the outermost layer known as the statum corneum. It keeps irritants out and good things like hydration in, so you can imagine what can happen to your skin if you don’t care for the barrier. Certain plant based oils such as almond oil, rosehip, and sunflower, along with ingredients such as niacinamide can help with skin barrier restoration, while water retaining ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, will support your skin’s ability to retain moisture. 


5. Hot Ingredients

As we get more savvy about skincare, certain ingredients have become more and more popular. Here are just a few of the top 2022 trending ingredients:

  • AHAs and BHAs: a group of acids used in products such as chemical peels. They are primarily used to exfoliate the skin, promote collagen and blood flow, correct skin discolorations, increase product absorption, and improve the appearance of fine lines.
  • Retinoids: Used to describe a group of compounds derived from vitamin A, they can speed up cell turnover, minimize the appearance of pores, and are used for anti-aging as well as to treat acne
  • Hyaluronic Acid: This ingredient is key for all year round hydration
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide): a vitamin not naturally produced by the body, it’s good for brightening, anti-aging and reducing acne. An antioxidant naturally found in the skin as a coenzyme; niacinamide has been shown to stabilize the skin's epidermal barrier function, improve hyperpigmentation, minimize yellowing, and may help increase dermal collagen.
  • Vitamin C: an antioxidant with anti-aging effects, good for boosting collagen production and improving skin tone and texture.
  • Aloe Vera: soothing and moisturizing, it can be used to soothe acne and treat dry skin without clogging pores.