Beautiful Skin Is In The Bag

Calling all guys and gals. It’s time to start thinking about how you care for your skin during the day while you are on the go. And yes, your morning and nighttime skincare routine is vitally important to healthy skin, but there are a few items when applied throughout the day will go a long way when it comes to healthy skin. So whether it’s your purse, crossbody, carry on, gym bag, or your murse, here’s how to make sure you’ve got beautiful skin in the bag.  


Think Small

If you want big results, then think small—we’re talking travel sized. Find a skincare line that has travel sized versions of the products you use every day. In general, trying to keep up as much of your skin-care routine as possible is ideal. If what you’re doing is working, why change if you don’t have to? And for those who are trying to manage skin conditions while on the go, keeping your routine consistent is key.


Pack the Essentials

Just a few products are all you need to keep your skin in check when you are on the go. A good cleanser is important especially in your carry on or in your gym bag. Then a hydrating serum and a moisturizer designed for your skin type are all the essentials you need to help prevent any issues from occurring during the day, post workout or while traveling. And don’t forget the lip balm. No one wants dry cracked lips when you are smiling or chatting with others during the day.  

Reapply Your Sunscreen

Always start your day by applying sunscreen (after moisturizer, but before makeup). Always reapply every few hours for maximum protection, even if you are in the car, in the office, or if it’s cloudy outside. Keep a moisturizing sunscreen in your bag that is formulated to also condition the skin. That way your skin is protected and moisturized throughout the day.