Breathe New Life into Your Shower with These Body Care Tips

We spend a lot of time on our skincare routines from morning to night, but what about all that skin below the chin? As we near the end of winter and are prepping our skin for spring, now is a great time to make sure you have a body care routine that will keep you glowing from head to toe. Get ready to breathe new life into your shower with these body care tips.


1. Cleanse Naturally

Great skin is clean skin, so why not start with the best. Avoid harsh chemicals by choosing a body wash that is all-natural, and plant based. Look for ingredients such as pine essential oil that thoroughly cleanses and conditions your skin (not to mention it will leave you feeling energized), and bladderwrack seaweed to lock in moisture—purifying the skin of toxins. Alpha-hydroxy glycolic acid helps to gently exfoliates those stubborn areas such as knees and elbows too.


2. Exfoliate Gently

You know that dry, flaky winter skin feeling? Well, gently exfoliating will help not only remove dry skin cells, but you’ll also regenerate new ones. Our suggestion? Use exfoliation gloves when applying our all-natural body wash. This is the best way to dissolve dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs and bumps. Plus, if you use the gloves as you cleanse, you won’t have to add an extra step to your shower routine.


3. Hydrate Thoroughly

Your body needs hydration, sometimes just as much or more than your face does. Try going beyond lotion and apply a hydrating body serum. Formulated with sodium hyaluronate, eucalyptus and hydrolyzed protein, this powerhouse body serum not only moisturizes, it tones, firms and strengthens the skin. For best results, apply after a bath or shower while skin is still moist and follow with lotion. It’s also is very effective in protecting against stretch marks.


We also recommend applying your lotion immediately after your shower and the body serum to lock in moisture in the skin. An ultra-rich lotion infused with cold pressed plant extracts such as Aloe vera leaf juice, sunflower oil, chamomile, and geranium will not only improve the look of your skin, it will protect from dryness throughout the day. And don’t forget to spend a little extra time moisturizing your hands and feet. Your hands are even more dry and irritated than ever before thanks to hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer.


4. Shower Quickly

We know that cold weather makes those hot showers feel amazing but trust us when we say it doesn’t do amazing things for your skin. Remember that really hot water will both dehydrate you and strip away any oils from your body. If you step out of your shower and your skin is red and itchy you’ve staying in too long. Keep your showers short and not so hot and your skin will be much happier.