Hating Those Acne Scars + Dark Spots? Fade Them With Serums

As if having acne isn’t bad enough, it often leaves behind stubborn scars and/or brown or red spots. While there is no secret ingredient that will completely make them disappear, thankfully there are some things you can do to minimize the scarring and change the texture of your skin.

Let’s start with why acne scars happen. Scars and dark spots occur because of injury to the skin, and with acne the injury is caused by excess oil production, inflammation, and bacteria. When the skin tries to repair itself, it can leave behind a scar or a dark spot as part of the healing process. Luckily skincare’s little baddies (AKA serums) can come to the rescue. Easily the most effective part of your skincare routine because they are packed with active ingredients, they work even harder to get your skin back on track. And what better way to heal your skin than through the power of botanicals? Here are some of our favorite serums full of natural and highly effective ingredients that will help breakdown those breakouts and lessen the look of any scarring and discoloration left behind.

Rehab Acne Healing Serum: This is how you clear, hydrate, and heal damaged skin from acne. Botanicals such as cajeput, tea tree and palma rosa help clear breakouts, while mushroom stem and rice bran condition and heal scarring. 

Absorb Mattifying Serum: Ideal for oil control, this serum is powered by natural plant extracts of burnet, cinnamon, ginger, and green tea to control oil, inhibit breakouts, and leave your skin looking fresh and matte all day. Cross linked Hyaluronic Acid locks in hydration, creating lots of glow without the shine. Good for all skin types, it can be used morning or night.  

C Power Antioxidant Vitamin C Serum: An age-fighter first, vitamin C is also known to reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. Don’t be afraid to layer your serums for maximum benefits. Designed for dehydrated, dry, mature, combo/oily, and reactive skin, this vitamin C serum uses a potent complex of antioxidant vitamin C, lactic acid (also good for reducing scarring), and vitamin B5 to soften fine lines.

Power Peel Refining Glycolic Acid: Glycolic peels improve the appearance of acne scars by dissolving dead skin and excess oil. The new, brighter, fresher skin is typically smoother and less scarred in appearance. Best when used 1-3 times a week on the face and neck followed by Hydrate Super Serum  and moisture cream.

Acne Scarring Pro Tip: As a bonus, here are a few concoctions straight from our Tuel professionals that are proven acne scar game changers. 

  • Mix Power Scrub and Power Peel together and scrub the scarred areas, rinse, and follow with Rehab Serum. 
  • Apply Let's Be Clear Here or Clear as Day Cleanser mixed with Power Scrub. Focus on the scarred areas and rinse. Follow with your favorite serum and moisture cream.
  • At night: use Power Scrub with a small amount of water to scrub the scarred areas, then apply Power Peel and follow with moisture cream.
  • Be sure to follow a consistent acne skincare routine that uses products with powerful botanicals designed to gently clear and heal acne without stripping the skin.