Make These Clean Beauty Swaps

If you aren’t focusing on cleaning up your beauty routine so to speak, it’s time to get on it. Clean beauty is here to stay, and as more skincare and beauty companies get on board, it’s easier than ever to make the switch while still getting products that are highly effective and beneficial for your skin. So, if you’re ready to get rid of all those dirty beauty words that no one can pronounce anyway, go all-natural with your skincare by making these clean beauty swaps.


What is Clean Beauty Anyway?

Studies show more than 60% of women across all ages, races, and ethnicities are either using or willing to spend a little more on clean beauty products. Basically, clean beauty is any skincare product made without ingredients that have shown to or are suspected to harm human health. And while it seems crazy to think companies still would include harmful ingredients, the ugly truth is they do. And it doesn’t stop there—they also use packaging that is harmful to the environment.


Smell Clean

One of the easiest switches you can make is changing out your deodorant. Regular products are often loaded with harmful ingredients like aluminum that are easily absorbed by the thin skin under our arms. Get all that nasty stuff away from your pits and use a deodorant that relies on the power of all-natural ingredients. The great thing about all-natural deodorants is they don’t block your pores and prevent your body from sweating, allowing ‘good’ bacteria to flourish so that you eventually become less stinky than before. This is often the place many people start when converting to all-natural beauty don't sweat it and make the switch.


Wash Clean

If you’re considering making clean beauty swaps, don’t forget your body wash. While it might not seem to be the biggest concern when it comes to beauty, remember that body wash is applied when your skin is wet, meaning it absorbs directly into your skin. Instead, use plant power in your shower with an all-natural green body wash that relies on the natural benefits of essential oils and Bladderwrack seaweed to purify the skin while stimulating your senses. Sounds like the best way to start the day.


Clean Skin = Best Skin

It’s easier than ever to overhaul your skincare routine with clean products. The benefits of active botanicals and minerals rich in potent antioxidants that feed the skin from the outside in will work together to give you the best skin of your life. Your skin will benefit from cleansers, serums, masks, and moisturizers that are designed to nurture, correct, and prevent everything from acne to aging. Also, look for companies that carry their commitment to clean beauty all the way through their brand by using natural and sustainably sourced packaging. At Tuel, everything from our packing materials to our packing is 95% recyclable and plastic-free.