The Correct Amount of Skincare Product, According to the Pros

At this point in our skincare journeys, most of us have a sense of which skincare products should be in our routines. However, the topic of conversation seems to revolve around the types of products and number of steps in our routines, but never about how much of them we should actually be using. Instructions usually advise us to “lather on” a cleanser, or to apply a “dab” of eye cream, but, really, what does any of that even look like? Plus, considering most prograde skincare products can retail into the hundreds, the thought of overusing it on a daily basis and running out before it’s necessary–is enough to make anyone go beserk. So, let’s collectively avoid the drama and break down the right amount of product we should be applying, according to our pros.

Milk & Gel Cleansers

The face is a much smaller area of skin in comparison to the body. Therefore, there’s no point in over-saturating it with product–doing so can be wasteful and doesn’t take away from the product’s cleaning efficacy. With that in mind, one pump of cleanser about the size of a nickel should do the trick, and be more than enough to fully cleanse the face. When mixed with water, most cleansers typically lather, which creates more substance that you can work from forehead to chin, as well as neck and chest.

Double Cleansers (Cleansing Oil & Herbal Toner)

No doubt, Tuel’s cleansing duos are some of our brightest shining stars. This system not only cleanses but also gently exfoliates, allowing the rest of your skincare to penetrate the skin that much more effectively. This simple regimen, categorized by skin type, is composed of a cleansing oil and herbal toner, both packed with rich, skin-loving ingredients that leave your skin supple and nourished. For best results, with a dry face, add five to six pumps of the cleansing oil on dry skin on your face and neck with dry hands. Massage five to six pumps of the herbal toner over the cleansing oil, adding cool water to gradually to emulsify to solution. Lastly, rinse until your skin feels clean.

Serums & Chemical Exfoliators

With such botanical rich ingredients, who wouldn't want to throw on as much serum as possible? As tempting as it is, because serums are so emollient all you need is a dime sized amount to cover the face, neck and chest; the same applies to chemical exfoliators. Pump your serum a few times in the hand, then gently pat the serum into the parts you wish to treat until it’s fully absorbed. When exfoliating, avoid your eye area to mitigate the risk of irritation.

Physical Exfoliators 

Physical scrubs are probably the most commonly overused skincare products. People often think they can scrub away blemishes, but this simply isn’t the case. The purpose of a scrub exfoliant is to remove the layer of dead skin cells and help aid in the cellular turnover process by promoting circulation in the face and body. For these, a dime sized amount is enough for the entire face, after thoroughly cleansing. It should be able to spread easily with a thin layer able to cover the whole face. Always, always, always make sure to be gentle when working into the skin.

Eye Creams & Gels

The eye area is small, but properly applying eye care to it can lead to mighty anti-aging, de-puffing and brightening results. A pea sized amount of cream is enough to go around both eyes, and even the lips. Just like serums, less tends to be more when we’re talking eye care. 

Moisturizers & Masks

Regardless of skin type, everyone should be using a moisturizer and an occasional face mask. That said, the type of formula used (as well as how much to apply) will vary according to your skin type. We recommend starting off with a dime sized serving to cover your face, neck, and chest. Drier skin might need a nickel sized application, while combination skin might need less. Either way, start off small and work your way up. You’ll start to learn how much you will need just by the feel.


In case you haven’t heard, don’t–we repeat–don’t skimp on the sunscreen! SPF is the one product you actually want to be generous with. You want to be 100% positive that all areas are covered with a nice even layer. This looks like two quarter sized amounts, or one full pump across your index and middle finger. It is also important to reapply your sunscreen when exposed to prolonged sun exposure. Regardless, it is imperative to wear sunscreen all year round, no matter the weather. Not applying enough sunscreen can result in long term sun damage, pigmentation and premature aging. 

Essential Oils

Facial essential oils usually come packaged in luxe dropper bottles which make it much easier to control your usage. One to three single drops (not full pipettes) of your chosen face oil is enough to cover your whole face to deliver the benefits your skin needs. Apply your essential oil onto damp skin for best results and maximum absorption. Unless you prefer an oily effect afterward, you’ve probably used too much product.


While your hands and fingers remain tried and true when applying skincare, with the right skin care tools, one can flush away puffiness, brighten your eyes, and assist in lymphatic drainage at home. Tools aren’t just helpful for facial massage, but devices such as eye care applicators and gua sha tools can help regulate how much product is being utilized.