Botanicals Explained + Why They are Important for Your Skin

Botanicals. The word just sounds natural right? Well that’s because they are. Botanical extracts are becoming a big deal in skincare, and we’re proud to say we’ve been a part of the movement since the beginning. Long ago, our mother, Eva Friederichs, founded Tuel based on the belief that good skincare contains only the best that nature has to offer. In fact, people say botanicals are the future of the skincare industry. We say, “What’s taken everyone so long?” Ready to learn what we already know? Read on for some info on what botanicals are, and why you need them in your skincare routine.

What are they?

Simply put, a botanical (plant-derived) extract is made from a plant’s roots, flowers, fruit, seeds, bark or leaves. A liquid or powder is produced and then dissolved into the solvent to be used in a skincare product. If the process is performed correctly, it adds many all-natural benefits to any skincare product. As people have begun to demand more all-natural ingredients throughout their life, botanicals have recently become one of the biggest skincare product ingredients.

So how do they help your skin? Botanicals are basically a powerhouse for your skin–in fact they are so concentrated with key nutrients, only a small little bit is needed for maximum results. Full of antioxidants and vitamins, botanicals work to protect your skin against free radicals, fight acne, combat oily skin, and work to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. The end result from using all-natural skincare products with botanicals? Brighter, clearer, younger looking skin.

Why should you use them?

So why should you work these healing, natural ingredients into your skincare routine? Let’s start with eliminating all those synthetic ingredients from your life and your skincare routine. Don’t do it. And botanicals are not only about treating skin issues, but also about preventing them. Stop the problems before they start. They are rich in antioxidants which protects the skin, they fight inflammation which helps maintain the skin's barrier and prevent bacteria from causing issues, and they promote hydration. They do it all. The bottom line? Using botanicals in your skincare routine can actually support your body in its natural effort to keep you balanced and healthy.