What to Look For in a Skin Consultation, the Tuel Way

How have you handled the changes in your skin over time? It’s no surprise that our skin adjusts to age, environment and other factors beyond our control. The face and body routine you had at 20 might not look the same in your 40s, 50s and beyond. Adding to that, the intense oversaturation of products and active ingredients can be difficult to navigate on your own. So, before you give up on your pursuit of the perfect routine, ask yourself: is it time to invest in a professional consultation? Receiving a complete skin and lifestyle consultation would perfectly address your conditions and concerns.


Build a Relationship With Your Pore Star.

Tuel emphasizes the importance of forming a relationship with your esthetician, because your Pore Star is the bridge between you and your skin goals. Ultimately, because you’ll be seeing this person fairly frequently, it’s valuable to enter the space with an open mind and connect with an esthetician that you’re comfortable with. Face and body treatments are a part of your self-care routine, just as much as your regular massage appointments or trips to the hair salon. Additionally, our skin is the largest organ and first line of defense. We’re not only just investing in self-care, we’re also covering our health as well. So when you maintain a regular schedule, you’ll see your skincare expert once a month or so, and you want to be with someone you can trust!


They’ll Listen to Your Concerns.

Estheticians always consider your skincare journey with the end in mind. So instead of looking for a new skincare brand on your own, a review of your current routine might be required with a Pore Star. Approaching a professional skin consultation, you’ll be asked a series of questions that speak to your lifestyle and skincare routine . Questions like, “have you ever had a facial,” “are you taking any medications,” “do you smoke,” and “do you shower in the morning or evening,” are all commonplace in this environment. After your assessment, your esthetician will perform a skin analysis where they look at and feel your skin. This step allows them to visually see your skin type plus additional concerns such as rosacea, dehydration, hyperpigmentation, congestion, dryness and more. All of these details are documented, and now your Pore Star has enough information to recommend products and a treatment game plan. Depending on both your goals and needs, your esthetician might recommend a series of treatments such a peel series, or LED light therapy. 


Ask All of Your Burning Questions.

Remember, your esthie is your bestie! Your questions will be answered in a clinical, yet easy to understand breakdown. Your time with your esthetician provides the moment to express your concerns and ask whatever questions you may have. During a facial, you are typically with your Pore Star for over an hour. This also opens up an opportunity for your esthetician to give you their professional advice and skin tips and tricks. The greatest benefit of this service is receiving an expert lesson on how to care for your skin properly. After all, this is knowledge you can take home that will last well beyond the duration of your appointment. Long term, meeting with a pro could save you hundreds of dollars in wasted skincare products and unnecessary ingredients. 


Find a Salon or Try an Online Consultation. 

Tuel’s salon finder feature makes it so easy to find a Pore Star closest to you. Trust us, our esthies know their chops. However, in the pursuit of maintaining your personalized routine, sometimes just physically getting to your nearest salon can be a journey on its own. Distance, time, home life, career - you name it, we get it. This is where we step in! Tuel offers online free (yes, free) 15 minute skin consultations, where you’re connected to a licensed esthetician. Here you'll answer a series of questions pertaining to the current products you use, lifestyle, medications and other skin-impacting components, just like an in-person meeting. Our Pore Stars are there to answer all of your inquiries, and help you build a routine from the ground up to follow at home. Just pick a date and time on our calendar, and you’re good to go.