Your All-Inclusive Holiday Gift Guide

For those of us self-proclaimed “skin-thusiasts,” it doesn’t take much convincing to grab the nearest cream or serum to address our skin’s needs. The anticipation of ending a strenuous day with getting some alone time to apply your favorite mask is absolutely unmatched. So why not treat someone with that same sense of self-care? The autumn and winter months are top tier for indulging in products and treatments that might not work in the hotter seasons. 

Investing in a person’s skincare is not just a nice gesture for product collectors, but also for people who might not have been introduced to a pro-grade line otherwise. So when making moves on a purchase, gravitate towards ingredients, products and gentle treatments that acknowledge most individual’s needs. Always make sure you’re familiar with your recipients’ skin type and their concerns.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got your back. Here are our all time favorite Tuel essential sets - along with some new faves that’ll cover everyone this season.   


A kit that asks, “what’s your vibe?” This holiday season, we’re dropping our new Mask Vibes Mini Kit. This ultimate package is the perfect sampler that provides mini versions of all of our pro-grade treatment masks, for all skin types. You’ll get Detox, Super Soothe, Lift Up, Moisture Plus and Balance wrapped up in sleek, modern packaging suited for everyone’s self-care stations. Mask Vibes Mini Kit provides the chance to sample each of our face masks in one place, while also giving someone the opportunity to try a variety of products they might not have been privy to otherwise.  Light a candle, pour a glass, choose a mask and set your mood. 


The ultimate dual cleansing system in the cutest sustainable packaging ever!. These Mini Cleansing Duos contain our tried and true oil cleanser and herbal toner double cleansing system. The products come in sleek glass bottles that are not only travel-friendly, but oh so pretty to look at! Surprise your recipients with a luxe, nourishing treatment that they’ll want to use all year round. If you're looking to up the ante, check out our Mini Kits that come with our mini cleansing duos, as well as a mini mask and moisturizer for your friend’s individual skin type. 


For your traveling buddies, this bundle has your entire day and night routine wrapped up in one package. Our Travel Kits carry your individual skin type’s daily and nightly face cleansing system, wrapped up in durable, TSA safe packaging. While all kits include Hydrate Moisture Serum, they also contain your corresponding skin type’s daytime milk or gel cleanser, cleansing duos, a moisture cream and Power Scrub exfoliant. Don’t let your companions abandon their routine, just because they're not at home.

And let’s not forget- the skin on our bodies needs some love, too. The Body Travel Kit is the ultimate body cleansing and exfoliating system, made easy. This kit has all of Tuel’s body essentials including our gentle exfoliating body wash, hydrating body serum and body lotion. Perfectly bottled in travel-sized components, consider this your body care system on-the-go. Pro tip: keep all of your travel bottles and jars and refill from your full sizes.  


Don’t forget the eyes this season and cover all bases. Introduce your friends and fam to the Killer Eye Kit - the complete set of our lightening, firming and de-puffing eye care system. This kit includes Eye Corrector Firm & Lightening Gel, Fresh Eyes De-Puff Moisture Lotion and Eye Revive Firming Peptide Cream. This regimen comes in the perfect travel sized, sustainable glass jars that will fit in seamlessly with your other daily essentials.


Exfoliation to-go. Our complete Peel & Heal mini sized system is ready whenever you need to shed some skin. It contains all of your exfoliation essentials: Power Scrub, Power Peel, Hydrate Serum and our Super Soothe 2 in 1 Calming Mask. This kit is perfect for travel, especially in the winter seasons when our skin can be the most vulnerable. However, we have a feeling your friend will thank you for their glow all year round.   


A full sized set including our top body faves. Tuel’s latest holiday collection includes all of our body best-sellers. The lineup includes Green Clean, our gentle exfoliating body wash, Triple Splash, our hydrating body serum, and Botanical Blast, our invigorating ultra-rich body lotion. Unlike the Body Travel Kit, this set is full sized packaged in a Tuel canvas tote, granting them prime real estate in your body care lineup at home. For a cherry on top, add a pair of pumice shower gloves to complement the usage of the exfoliating body wash.


There’s nothing more personal than granting someone a full-on spa experience. Find a salon nearest to your loved one and arrange a facial for their specific skincare needs. 

If you’re still not sure what to grab, gift cards are always here to save the day. Recommend your friends and family products that work for all skin types, such as an SPFvitamin C serum or an all-purpose moisturizer.