Why Winter is the Best Time to Take a Vacation

Winter blues have you thinking about taking a vacation somewhere warm and tropical? Good thing Tuesday, January 28th is National Plan for Vacation Day, which appears to be more important than ever as recent reports show only 28% of Americans plan on maxing out their vacation this year. So now for the good news––many employers are showing signs of encouraging “vacation cultures” in the workplace, leaving employees feeling more confident in using their time off. Since there is a strong correlation between travel and happiness, what better time to make a personal commitment to traveling more in 2020 than planning out your vacation time for the year. And there’s no better time than the present, so here are a few reasons why winter is the best time to take a vacation.

It’s the Offseason

Overall, winter is a great time to travel because prices are low, and crowds are small. Avoid the major holidays (President’s Weekend/Valentine’s Day) and you’ll find yourself scoring some great deals. Consider visiting a new city or head to the tropics––prices dip in Hawaii in the winter, especially around February. And as we head into our third month of gloomy winter weather, what better way to lift your spirits than spending several days in a tropical paradise? The weather is perfect, there are fewer visitors than on average, and it’s whale watching season. Looking for something non-tropical? Consider destressing on a winter spa retreat. Head for the desert and let the holistic healing begin.

It’s Ski Season

We may be stating the obvious, but if you love winter sports––from skiing to snowshoeing––and don’t mind the high prices and crowds, then spending a week at a ski resort sounds amazing. Consider trying somewhere new such as Vail, Whistler, Park City or even splurging a little and taking a European ski vacation.

Book for the Summer

If you can’t quite hit the road yet, winter is a good time to book your summer vacation. You’ll have a better selection of vacation home rentals, you’ll have more time to budget and set aside money which = more experiences and less debt. Plus, by starting the planning now, you’ll have more time to research vacation adventures and excursions you’ll want to experience. A well-thought-out vacation bucket list will go a long way in creating a trip to remember.