Winter Skincare Routine: Make These Changes for Glowing Skin

2020/2021 brings a whole new set of winter skincare challenges. Stress, SIP, business closures, and more are adding to the skin issues we normally see during the winter months. As colder temperatures arrive, dry air, frigid winds, and constant exposure to indoor heaters suck the moisture right from your skin and strip it of those essential oils that help your skin function and look great. And you might also find an increase in skin sensitivity, redness and irritation. That’s why we can say it enough, winter weather means you need to make these changes to keep your skin glowing all season long.


Drink Up

It’s not necessarily a product, but we can’t recommend enough the powerful effect drinking water has on your winter skin. In fact, studies show that for every degree drop in temperature, the body produces 10% less oil and moisture. This means water is lost from your skin cells leaving you feeling dry and tight. An increase in fine lines on your face and around the eyes is also more likely to happen during winter months because of this decrease in water. Start your day by drinking a full bottle of water first thing in the morning as step one in your 2020/2021 winter skincare routine. Water helps rid the skin of toxins, hydrate from the inside out and give you a more radiant glow.


Transition Your Cleanser: Think Double Cleansing

Winter is the ideal time to try double-cleansing. It is, after all, the best way to wash your face at night. Designed to remove sweat, bacteria and old skin cells, double cleansing uses two steps to not only clean but exfoliate the skin. Consisting of a deep pore cleansing oil which bonds with the natural oils in the skin to wash away makeup and bacteria, and an herbal toner that exfoliates and gets in deep to remove any impurities, double cleansing keeps your skin hyper-clean while not drying it out.


Add a Serum + Layer

If you’ve been considering adding a serum, now is the time. Designed to improve skin tone, texture and overall health of your skin, serums are the perfect little addition to your winter skincare routine. These antioxidant powerhouses help prevent dehydration, fight aging and wrinkles, and heal the skin while you sleep. When applying serums, know that a little bit goes a long way. Add 2-3 small pumps to your fingertips and pat gently on the face and neck––letting them absorb on their own.

Winter is also a good time to start layering your skincare products, something that your skin needs to prevent over drying. A good rule of thumb when it comes to layering your skincare is to layer the lightest to the heaviest (think toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen).


Mask Up (And We Don’t Mean THAT Mask)

One benefit of SIP? We have time to practice good self-care. And one of the best ways to take care of ourselves at the end of the day is to apply a healing mask. Winter is the best time to incorporate this step in your skincare routine. Designed to be a big component of your nighttime skincare routine, masks help set the stage so your skin is prepped and ready for the rest of the skincare products you use. Plus they give us permission to take 10-15 minutes and just relax.